Thursday, June 19, 2008

NCL Dawn Bermuda - Sea Days

The sun shines into your cabin, you stretch, and decide to get out of bed. There is no rush after all since this is a sea day. As NCL's commercials say "You are free to whatever".

There are no set dining times, so you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner any time you want (or skip any of the meals completely). I'll discuss the various dining venues in other posts.

For the morning people ... There are various fitness activities planned for the first sea day including Early Morning Stretch, Fab Abs, Pathway to Yoga, and of course, your own workout in the fitness center. For the competitive families, there's the Father & Son Baketball Tourney with the Sport Staff or Tiny Tots Baseball.

Pehaps you want to learn more about Bermuda and the things to do. If so, don't miss the Shore Excursion Presentation and/or the NCL "U" - Destination Bermuda.

If you are into gaming, there's Free Gaming Lessons in the morning and a Blackjack Tournament and a No Limit Texas Hold'Em Tournament in the afternoon or you can just try your luck in the Casino. Of course, don't forget about Bingo and Ships Lotto.

In the afternoon ... partake in one of the enrichment activities including an Art Auction, and NCL "U" sessions - Italian Wine Tasting, The Art of Making Sushi and Sake Tasting, Humor: Second City Before They Were Stars, Martini Tasting, or Beers of Europe Tasting. The "tasting" sessions have a $15 fee. There are several spa and fitness seminars to chose from.

There are more sports tournaments: Teen Hockey Tourney, Teen Soccer Tourney, Adult Only Volleyball Tourney, and Open Sports Play with the Sports Staff. You can even play Goofy Golf Putting with the Cruise Director's Staff.

The Cruise Director's Staff hosts various activities including Shuffleboard Tournament, Weakest Link Game Show, Win Lose or Draw, and Wii Tennis Tournament.

There's musical entertainment, movies, trivia, and much more to choose from. Or you can simply camp out on a lounge chair by the pool or read a good book in your favorite hide-away onboard the Dawn.

This is just a sample of the many activities onbord the NCL Dawn. You shouldn't be bored - there is something for everyone. So, go ahead and do whatever.

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