Monday, June 23, 2008

NCL Dawn Bermuda - Evening Activities

Evenings aboard the Norwegian Dawn typically included dinner at one of the Freestyle Dining choices and entertainment. The first night, there was a Welcome Aboard Show in the Stardust Showroom. The main attraction for this show was the Jean Ann Ryan Company with music provided by the Norwegian Dawn Showband. Since photography was not allowed during the show, close your eyes and imagine you are seeing singers and dancers perform live onstage.

Since we had eaten at the Welcome Aboard BBQ, we didn't go to one of the restaraunts the first night. We did join romantics and photographers out on deck for a glimpse of the setting sun. As the saying goes, "red skies at night, sailors delight". Tomorrow would be a beautiful day if the saying held true. As the sun sunk lower from the sky into the sea, we bid our goodbyes to New York (or at least that's what we thought).

While we were waiting for the show to begin , the Captain interrupted to announce that our ship was turning back to New York due to a medical emergency onboard. One of the passengers had been injured and required medical attention. Since the next two days were sea days, this would not impact the overall cruise schedule.

For those that wanted to dance the night away, Spinnaker Lounge was the site of the Welcome Aboard Party: Dancing Through the Decades. The Cruise Director Staff and Sound Bytes hosted this dance party featuring the greatest dance hits from the 50's to today.

On Tuesday night the lounge was the site for 70's Night Disco Groove party. Members from Second City Comedy Troop were also onboard and Thursday and Friday the Spinnaker Lounge was turned into a comedy theatre for their show. Music could be heard throughout the ship. The venues also included Gatsby's Lounge, Grand Attrium, Dazzles Lounge, and Pearly King's Pub.

There was something for every music taste throughout the cruise. You could even be one of the "stars" at the Family Karaoke which was held in Dazzles Lounge a few times during the week.

Dawn Club Casino opened about an hour after we left New York and remained open the first night until the ship returned to New York to have the Coast Guard transport the injured passenger. The highlight event in the casino was on Monday night for Monte Carlo Night. This event was hosted by the entertaining Gazillionare (the Cruise Director) along with the Freestyle Showgirls and Monte Carlo Night Tumblers. The casino was open except while we were in port.

Although Norwegian Dawn doesn't have a formal dress code during the cruise, some people dressed up on Monday night and had their picture taken with Captain Trygve Vorren. There were opportunities other nights for pictures if you were so inclined. In fact, even if you didn't want your picture taken, you probably had more than your share throughout the cruise.

In my next post, I'll talk about a couple of the Freestyle Dining options that we did during this cruise. These events only scratched the surface of the evening's choices. As NCL said in the Freestyle Daily, "everything is hotter when the sun goes down".

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