Sunday, March 11, 2018

Under the Flower Dome

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Gardens By The Bay
Flower Dome

For more than 30 years, we've traveled across the globe, soaking in the beauty before us.  As lovers of photography, we've learned to "see" the world differently through the camera lens.

What Inspires You to Travel

Nothing inspires us more than viewing flowers in a macro exposure.  The rest of the world is shut out as we close down the lens to focus on the colorful blooms.  We are no longer taking pictures, but rather photographs to be enjoyed forever.

We arrived at the Gardens By the Bay in the early afternoon.   It was overcast by now, which is the perfect conditions for flower photography.  The colors "pop" right before your eyes under these lighting conditions.  For the next several hours we were immersed in our surroundings.

Under the Flower Dome, the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records,  we were amazed by flowers and plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions of the world.   We didn't have to travel far and wide, but simply walked inside this miniature city of color.  Here is but a taste of what we saw under the Flower Dome.  View our albums for more.

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