Friday, June 9, 2017

Donald Duck's Ocean Connection

Donald Takes to the High Seas

We are still celebrating National Oceans Month, so on this Donald Duck day we thought it would be fitting to find a connection between Donald and the seas.

While on Disney Dream a few years ago we captured images of some of the Disney art work that adorns the vessel.   Here is one of our favorite images of Donald Duck.  He's sliding down Disney Dream's Aqua Duck - but wait, he should be on a raft.  Oh no!!

If you've not been on a Disney ship before, and you love Disney art, you should put a Disney cruise on your bucket list.   It's like walking into a museum of Disney characters.  If you are so inclined, you can even purchase a piece of Disney to bring back home with you.

Donald Duck's Debut

Donald first appeared to us in a 1934 film called The Wise Little Hen, a retelling of the original little red hen story. Throughout Donald is repeatedly asked to help plant the corn, and harvest the corn, each time finding him claiming some form of ailment that prevents him from participating.

If you’ve seen this episode or read The Little Red Hen. Unlike that parable, The Wise Little Hen took a more direct approach to showing her displeasure. She told Donald she’d cure him of his ailment so he could eat the corn… and gave him castor oil.

While that was his first appearance, the angry rage filled Donald we came to know and love didn’t really show up until Orphan’s Benefit, and it was also then that his relationship with Mickey was formed. Since then he has gone on to appear in video games, episodes of cartoons, and stands out as the Disney character who has appeared in the most films to date, outstripping even Disney Mascot Mickey Mouse. Apparently, there’s something about a rage-filled duck we just can’t get enough of.

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