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Montevideo Pier and Markets

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 Crown Princess
Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo was one of the few ports where our ship was docked.  At the conclusion of our excursion, the motor coach let us off near the ship.  Instead of getting back onboard, we opted to check out the market and search for some local cuisine for lunch.

It was a short walk to the market area.  On the way there, we had a vantage point of our ship that was framed by several nautical items which made for a great photo opportunity.

Montevideo BBQ Lunch

One of the things on our bucket list for this trip was to have some authentic South American BBQ.   We figured that we wouldn't have time to have it in Buenos Aires, so we decided to enjoy a leisurely lunch in Montevideo.

We had been told to look for the main building which contained the meat market.  Finding the building was quite easy - we just had to follow the smell of open fire BBQ pits.  Imagine your backyard BBQ on steroids - that's the best way to describe the sense of smell both inside and outside the market.

Once inside we saw vendor after vendor preparing meats on their open flame pits.  We started walking aimlessly from row to row until we cam across some fellow passengers who were just completing their lunch.   We stopped to check out the menu and they told us about their meal and encouraged us to eat there.  They told us the waitress would take great care of us and that the food was fabulous.   That made our decision easy - what's better than a recommendation from someone who has just eaten at the restaurant.

We ordered steaks and fries.  We had a side of bread and a sauce which really brought out the flavor of the meat.  We highly recommend Don Garcia Restaurant for the food and great service.

After our lunch we shopped at the local vendors selecting some hand-made items as gifts.  We then returned to the ship, taking a few more pictures in the harbor area, mainly of our ship.

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