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Husky Sledding in Tromso

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Dog Sledding in Tromsø   Hurtigruten Land Excursion

Prior to our voyage we studied the optional excursions for each port. One excursion on our must do list was Dog Sledding which was offered twice during our voyage.

The first option was in Tromsø and the second was in Kirkenes. We also wanted to see the Russian Border, which made our choice simple. We'd couldn't do both excursions in Kirkenes, so we picked the first option in Tromsø.

An unforgettable ride through the Arctic wilderness

Meet the Dogs

We arrived at the base camp for our husky adventure, where we were greeted by playful Alaskan Huskies.  Some were inside their houses while others were outside and even on top of them.  They were barking and doing anything they could to get our attention.

Next we were divided into two groups.  Those that needed warmer clothes or boots were led to a changing facility.   Proper attire for the sledding adventure includes layers of warm clothing, boots, hat and gloves.  Coming from Chicago, we didn't lack warm winter gear, so we were led off to the dog sleds as part of the first group to ride.

Let the Adventure Begin

Our musher greeted us and had us sit down in the sled.  I sat in back with my husband in front.  The team of ten huskies were ready and anxious to get started.  The lead musher started her sled with us right behind.   The remaining teams of huskies fell in line behind us as we started over the snow packed trail.    We were about to embark on one of the most remarkable hours of our lives as our sled glided over the winter terrain.  Instead of trying to put it into words, just watch this video.

The weather was chilly, but the blanket kept us warm. Towards the end of the ride, there was a gentle snow falling.  This video was captured using an iPhone.  Additional images can be found on our Shutterfly page.   Those were taken using our Nikon digital SLR.   We protected the lens with a plastic guard which we bought shortly after booking this cruise.

We spent time with the dogs after our ride and then went into the hut for some hot drinks and dessert.

Now it's your turn:  Located 30 minutes outside Tromsø, Kvaløya you can visit more than 250 huskies and puppies, and learn more about the skills of Husky dog sledding.
Additional photos can be found on our Norway Shutterfly page

Huskies Dog Sledding

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