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Cruising Around Cape Horn

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Cape Horn 
Scenic Cruising

Our scheduled called for Crown Princess arriving at Cape Horn around 6:30 AM on Day 8. Due to the strong winds pinning our ship to the pier in Ushuaia, the 7:30 PM departure was delayed to 12:30 AM or so (not quite sure of exact time since we went to bed). Surprisingly the Captain got on the speaker system about 7:50 AM to announce our approach to Cape Horn in about 10 minutes. He must have had the peddle to the medal after we left Ushuaia.

Narration & Viewing 

The destination expert onboard narrated the entire scenic sailing around Cape Horn. He made announcements in English and Spanish. The best viewing was on the upper decks,
or for this particular destination, port side. For those with balconies on that side, they could stay in their cabins if they wanted and view in comfort. Most people were on deck 15 and higher. We were perched in two different locations on deck 16.

There was a chain of mountains on the starboard side as we approached Cape Horn as well, so both sides of the ship did have some gorgeous scenery. The weather cooperated nicely. The winds were calm, the sun was out, no rain, just a chill in the air. As long as you dressed in layers, along with a hood or hat, you would have been warm for the one hour scenic tour. Gloves would be an added comfort if your hands get cold easily.

What To Expect 

There are three things you want to see on the island of Cape Horn itself: the memorial marker for those that lost their lives sailing around the horn, the naval station house, and lighthouse. There is also a smaller beacon on the point once your round Cape Horn and are on the Atlantic side.

Bring your camera(s) including video and enjoy the view. Marvel at those that used this passage way before the Panama Canal was built. While the winds were calm for us, that is not usually the case, so expect rocky seas when you visit and be happy if you have a calm day.


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