Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Thankful for ... 
 Seeing Northern Lights & Experiencing New Adventures

Hurtigruten Vesteralen Northern Lights Norway
See our work in progress diary of this very unique winter cruise experience.
Diary Hurtigruten Classic Voyage Bergen

We love Norway, and there isn't a better time to see it than when it is blanketed in snow with Northern Lights casting a glow on us during a crisp winter night. 


Guy Fieri's Pig & Anchor Carnival Magic

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is here already. Where did 2016 go? As has become my tradition, I'd like to share with you some of the things that I'm thankful for and highlight some of my adventures this year.

I hope that you, your family, and friends have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season. I know that I have plenty of things to be thankful for, including my health, family, and friends and the ability to share my love of cruising with all of you. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to explore new worlds with family and friends again this year.

The cruise industry is strong as ever with new ships and added capacity helping to keep prices reasonable for those that plan ahead.
The value of cruising has never been stronger. Even in these tough times, more and more families have taken to the seas.  Indications are that the record discounts offered the past two years will be coming to an end.  In the meantime those discounts have made cruising an even better value, and consequently we have seen a surge in first-time cruisers.

Thankful for ... 
Sailing on Brand New Ships

Cruises Inc., Cruise One, and Dream Vacations will hold the 2016 National Conference on Carnival Vista which just started its inaugural season sailing to Europe and next month will be sailing in the  Caribbean from Miami. Check out this video to see what's in store for us next month.

We wonder what the Pilgrims, who came to the New World in Tall Ships, would think about the Carnival Vista.Their ships measured 110 feet, held 150 passengers at most, and took months to cross the Atlantic.  The Vista is about 10 times that length (1062 feet), holds 3936 passengers (double occupancy) and 1450 crew, and took just a couple weeks to cross the Atlantic.

Thank you for making our blog column a part of your lives in 2016.   I hope that the information we share helps you to dream about future cruises of your own. I'd be honored to help you plan those trips. I have the best job in the world - helping make dreams come true. For that, I'm truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to All

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