Sunday, July 17, 2016

Overnight in Hoorn Netherlands

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Avalon Artistry II Docked
Overnight in Hoorn Netherlands

We arrived in Hoorn around 8 PM at the tail end of our dinner.   After dinner we strolled through town taking a few pictures of the town with the sun setting on this harbor town.


City of Bold Explorers

Hoorn played an important role in the 'Age of Exploration' and some famous navigators are closely associated with the town.  Probably the most famous was Willem Schouten (1580-1625) who attained eternal fame by being the first person to round the southernmost tip of South America in 1616 and named it "Cape Horn" in homage to his hometown.

Continuing our Own Exploration 

In the morning, the included tour was a visit to the Dutch Villages of Edam & Volendam.  Since we had been there before during our Tulip Time river cruise, we decided to explore Hoorn some more on our own.

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