Monday, January 11, 2016

Sayn Palace

Koblenz - Complementary Tours

There were two tours offered in the morning.  The Koblenz City Tour was a walking tour which comprised the quay side and the old town center.  There was no need to sign up for this tour.

The other tour was Sayn Castle & Butterfly Garden.  Due to the limited seating, it was necessary to sign up for this tour in advance or at the Cruise Director's desk.  We had pre-registered for the excursion before we left home.

Upon arrival at Sayn Palace, we were greeted by Prince Alexander, the 7th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn.   He was out for a walk with his dog.   He greeted us warmly inviting us to tour the palace and asking us to spread the word about this excursion when we got back home.

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Inside the Palace

The palace had been destroyed during World War II but was restored in 2000.  The Sayn Palace with its elegant Neo-Gothic facade is a wonderful example of the 19th century architecture of romanticism.

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One of the highlights of the visit was the Palace Chapel which was built in 1860. It is modeled on Sainte Chapelle in Paris. Its purpose was to house the precious arm reliquary of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. It is a wonderful piece of medieval art preserving the saint's arm bone.  Stained glass windows by Moritz von Schwind show Russian Saint Leonilla and Saint Louis of France.

Other highlights include the Ornamental Cast Iron Exhibition, 19th century works of art and the Princesses Room & Wedding Exhibition.

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