Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jonas Delays Cruises

Anthem of the Seas 
Grandeur of the Seas 
Under Snow Dome 

According to the National Weather Service...
Major to Historic Winter Storm Jonas Will Impact the Middle Atlantic to Southern New England into Sunday

Snow fall so far has amounted to more than two feet in some areas.  Heavy winds will accompany the snow, making for very dangerous conditions.  Many states have activated the National Guard to help combat the snow and rescue people who were trapped by the storm.

Royal Caribbean International has announced two delays caused by Jonas (click link for current statement):

Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas will be delayed a day, arriving back into Cape Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey, on Tuesday, January 26 instead of Monday, January 25. Passengers on the current voyage will get an extra day, while passengers on the January 25th voyage will have an altered itinerary, yet to be announced. 

Your local forecast office is

New York, NY

Grandeur of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas will now return to Baltimore a day late. Grandeur will now depart Baltimore on Monday, January 25th. Passengers on the current voyage will get an extra day, while passengers on the January 24th voyage will have an altered itinerary, yet to be announced.

Your local forecast office is

Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C.

Travel Insurance 

Winter Storm Jonas is the perfect example of why you need to purchase travel insurance.

You had every intention of traveling to New York or Baltimore for your cruise, but Mother Nature had other plans. Your flight was probably cancelled. With a little luck, the airline will be able to reschedule you for a flight that will arrive in time for the revised cruise departure. But what if they can't?

Perhaps you already departed when the storm grounded you at a connection. Now you had an unexpected hotel stay. These are just a few of the possible situations the Travel Insurance Companies' Assistance Desks will be dealing with this weekend.

The intangible benefit of travel insurance is just having someone to turn to when things go wrong during your vacation. The assistance you are given is a bonus benefit. If you've ever experienced a problem during a vacation, you know what I mean. You just can't think on your own - what do I do next - you start to panic.

Make sure you have your Travel Insurance Policy Number & Phone Contact with you. Contact your Cruise Specialist for assistance in obtaining this information (another reason for using a professional for your booking as well).

Stay Safe

For those that are traveling to / from their cruise vacation this weekend - stay safe. To everyone else in the effected areas - stay inside warm & safe.

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