Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trier City Tour

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Beyond Porta Nigra

Trier offers pleasant market squares, Germany’s oldest Christian church, and a cornucopia of architectural styles: Roman, baroque, neo-classicism, renaissance, and gothic.

window shopping
On Sunday the shops in Trier are closed with the exception of some cafes and terraces.  A few souvenir stores were open.

Even though the stores were closed, it was possible to  get an idea of what products were available in the shops.  Looks like we missed some good sales.
Market Fountain

The Market Fountain from 1595 shows St. Peter, the patron saint of the Cathedral as well as the city, standing on top, surrounded by the four cardinal virtues of good city government, Justice, Strength, Temperance, and Wisdom (originals in the Municipal Museum), but also by monsters and frolicking monkeys.

Church of Our Lady

The Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Dear Lady) is a 13th-century parish church in Trier, separated from Trier cathedral by a narrow passageway. Built in the Gothic style, it makes an attractive foil to its older Romanesque neighbor.

We were able to tour the Church of Our Lady but not the Cathedral as a mass was in progress.

Free Time to Eat or Shop

Following the guided portion of the tour we had time to explore the shops that were open or to do some more window shopping.   This McDonald's isn't your typical looking restaurant but they do serve some of the same meals from back home.
Ice cream and candy are always a good treat, so indulge your sweet tooth if you are so inclined.

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