Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bernkastel Wine Tasting

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Avalon Waterways 
River Cruise
Provided Front-Row
View to Wine Country

A short 15 minute walk over the bridge from where our ship was docked and we were at a local Vinothek for a complimentary wine tasting event.   This wasn't your typical wine tasting with just a few varieties.


Upon entering the VinoThek, we were given a German Pretzel (bretzel), handed an empty wine glass, and directed to the wine cellar downstairs.

Bernkastel and the surrounding Moselle River valley is most noted for Reisling wines, so those were predominantly the wines we tasted.  There were a few red varieties for those that prefer red wine.

As you can see in the picture, the wines were displayed in bins with descriptive signs overhead.   Each variety was numbered and a chilled barrel contained one bottle for each variety.

You could pour as little or as much wine into your glass for tasting.   It was best to cleanse the pallet between tastings by taking a bite of your pretzel.   We quickly lost track of how many wines we tasted.   I think there were more than twenty that we sampled.   Someone would ask if we tried number 25, and we'd have to try that of course.

Finally, we narrowed down our search to two different bottles.   We opted for the high-residual sugar varieties which were very sweet.   Not being able to make up our minds, we bought both bottles.   Avalon allows you to bring them back on board and consume them in your cabin without charge or you can bring them to the dining room and pay a corkage fee.

We almost skipped this complimentary event because we had a long day and thought about relaxing before dinner.   Do not miss this wine tasting event - it was one of the cruise highlights.

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