Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Avalon Panorama Bistro Dinner

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Special Dinner

The Panorama Bistro is an elegant experience providing four courses of tapas-style dishes in the forward section of the ship's main lounge. The venue is available to a maximum of 24 people, seated at six tables for four, and is offered two to three times per each seven-day sailing.  There is no extra charge for this dinner, but you must make a reservation at the reception desk.   We did so Thursday evening  after the Cruise Director's Port Talk.

Dining in the Panorama Bistro was a great way to compliment an afternoon of cruising along the Romantic Rhine River Gorge.  This hadn't been in our original cruise plans, but we were talked into it by other passengers.

We strongly suggest you give this alternative dining a try.  You will be glad you did.

Wine Pairing

The wines offered during the dinner are from renowned regional wine estates. They were specifically selected to compliment the meal.

The goal of the wine pairings was to introduce us to the European wine culture and afford an opportunity to taste some of the finest regional wines in the area along our cruise.

In Germany, the Spätburgunder (Pinot noir) is to red wine what the Riesling is to white wine: the cream of the crop. We had both of these fine wines during our Bistro experience.


The four starters were Roast Beef with Rémoulade Sauce & Rocket Salad, Smoked Salmon Wasabi Wrap Served on Dill-Mustard Cream, Quiche Lorraine: Classic Quiche with Ham & Onion, and Grilled Vegetables with Honey Goat's Cheese.

Potato Soup

The next course consisted of traditional German Creamy Potato Soup with Celeriac and Marjoram.  As were all the soups onboard the ship, this was very tasty.

Main Courses

The main course consisted of Veal Roulade with Port Sauce, Filet of Plaice Filled with Ratatoule & Sauce Beurre Blanc, and Lasagne of Mushrooms &  Spinach.

Probably the biggest surprise of the evening was the fact that my husband ate all of these dishes and loved them, despite his mantra that "I don't eat anything that swims".  That really says a lot about the quality and taste of the selections.


The next course was a Platter with Emmental, 'Umäscher Alp' & 'Medium-Matured' Gouda Cheeses Served with Fig Mustard, Grapes & Carr's Crackers.

Last But Not Least

The trifecta of desserts were Black Forest Gâteau in a Wooden Basket, Mousse of Roast Nuts with Sea Salt, and Cherry Cake with Small Chocolate Balls.

Perhaps you might be thinking that this meal was not filling, but let me tell you that was certainly not the case.  This was a wonderful experience!!
We hope you get to try this soon - we'd love to help you plan your trip, so send us your questions.

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Jamie Wedgewood said...

Is this considered casual dining? Do they not offer any casual foods, not all fancy. I have a very basic food taste and wouldn't eat anything I've seen. I hate to not go because I won't eat the food.

Chris Pappin said...

This is an optional dinner "event". We weren't going to go at first either because DH is like you - didn't think he'd eat anything they'd have. Turns out he tried everything and actually enjoyed foods he wouldn't have ordered if given the chance. You could go to main dining where you get your casual meal.