Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Playing Hide & Seek with Artistry II

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Last Seen in Mannheim, Germany

When we awoke, Avalon Artistry II was about to stop in Mannheim, Germany for what is known as a "technical stop".  That means, it wasn't going to stay there long.  The only reason for stopping was so that the motor coaches could meet the ship and pickup passengers for the morning excursion.

After touring Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town itself, it was time to re-board the motor coaches and seek out our ship.

Gernsheim, Germany

Since we last left her, she had moved to a different location:  Gernsheim, Germany.   Once again, this was to be another "technical stop", this time to pick up passengers from the tours.

Just Passing Through

You may have noticed that passengers are re-boarding Avalon Artistry II using a Viking River Cruise ramp.  Much like the Old West,  river cruise ships often tie up to the nearest dock while making their way along the river.   This is all planned out in advance, however, so don't worry about having some other ship kick you out for parking in their spot.

Lunch Menu

Today's buffet lunch included two soups: Cream of Broccoli and Cold Wine; Roast Leg of Suckling Pig; Braised Leg of Lamb; Steam Filet of Red Mullet; and Fettuccini Pasta.

Of course, there were various salad and vegetable fixings as well.   You could also order off the menu if you didn't like any of the above.

 Sailing for Mainz

While we dined in the main dining room, the Artistry II set sail for Mainz, Germany which would be our over-night stop.   We'd arrive around 4 PM or so, in time to do some sightseeing at our leisure before the evening program started.

After lunch, our Cruise Director had a briefing for travel agents.  It was our opportunity to get any questions answered and learn more about Avalon Waterways.  We were able to tour one of the Royal Suite cabins as well (since there had been a last minute cancellation).

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