Friday, August 14, 2015

Avalon Grill Lunch

Strasbourg Mid-Day
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After completing our complimentary morning tour of Strasbourg, we returned to Avalon Artistry II for lunch.  We had signed up for the Grill Lunch the night before.

Due to the seating capacity on the Sky Deck, it was necessary to limit the number of passengers that can have the lunch on a given day.   In order to allow all passengers to experience this special lunch, it was requested that only passengers who had not already had the grill lunch sign up. 

Don't Miss The Grill Lunch

Each night our Cruise Director held a briefing where he'd go over the excursions for the next day, special meals, and entertainment.   If you didn't attend the briefing, you could miss out on opportunities to sign up for things like this.

The food was great - there's nothing like freshly prepared food over a grill.   Who would have thought you could enjoy a lunch like this on a river cruise?

Leave Room for Ice Cream

After everyone had been served the main course, the staff brought out the ice cream.   Today they served vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio ice cream.   We couldn't decide, so we had all three.  The pistachio was our favorite.

Just as in the dining room, you could have complimentary soft drinks (Coke products) with your meal.  The tables were set with water pitchers as well.   If you wanted something from the bar, they also had beer specials for purchase.

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Strasbourg - Grill Lunch

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