Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Artistry II Embarkation Basel

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Embarkation Process

If you've been on ocean cruises before, and not on a river cruise, you'd notice several differences upon arrival at the embarkation port.

You'll probably first notice it's a much smaller ship with not as many people.  Perhaps one of the most dramatic, and welcome differences, was how easy the embarkation process is. 

As our motor coach approached, we got our first glance at the ship.   Within minutes, we were onboard the ship, with just our hand luggage.  There were no porters greeting us, since our checked bags would be handled by the crew.   We walked up the gangway and were directed to the lounge.

Checking In

Once everyone was in the lounge, one of the crew members directed each family to the reception desk.  We turned in our passports and were given our cabin "keys" (plastic cards with a magnetic strip keyed for your cabin).   One of the crew members then escorted us to our cabin.  That was the entire embarkation process.   We'd pick up our passports the next day and could provide our credit card information, for the onboard account, at any time during the cruise - no hassle.

Embarkation Day Information

Once we were inside our cabin, we found welcome aboard information about the schedule for the rest of the evening.  We had some time before the mandatory safety drill, so we went up on the sky deck to start checking out the ship.

It's time to freshen up a bit before the evening program, so we'll take a break and continue with the rest of the story in our next post.

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