Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Visit Great Indoors Across the Globe

Yusupov's Palace (click image to enlarge)
Look Inside
When Traveling the Globe

Look at your travel pictures from a recent trip. Divide them into two categories: pictures taken outside (landscapes, buildings, people at work and play) and secondly, those taken indoors (hotel rooms, airports, cruise ship interiors, train stations, museums, furniture, paintings, chandeliers).

Have you taken more images inside or outside? If you are like most travelers, you probably have more images outside. There's nothing wrong with that - just an interesting theory on my part.  We have two challenges for you if you are willing participants.

Join Us Friday for #FriFotos #greatINDOORS

This week's Twitter  theme is #greatINDOORS. #FriFotos is a weekly photo forum by . Theme is revealed every Tuesday 12pm ET.

We are very excited to be guest Co-Hosts this week.   As avid followers and participants in this weekly photo adventure, we have enjoyed countless hours searching through our photo archives for those perfect representatives that demonstrate the given theme.   Equally exciting has been exploring the images of our fellow contributors.   We have virtually traveled around the globe and anxiously await each Friday's image collection.

YOU should participate.  It's easy - just tweet your images on Friday (any time / in your time zone - across all time zones if you like).   Simply add a description and include #FriFotos #greatINDOORS.
See all the rules here.

Challenge #2

If you've gone through your images, from one or more recent trips, and find few images captured INDOORS, why not consider adding a few more #greatINDOORS images during your next trip?  

Have a Plan: Just as a football coach and the team review footage, statistics, and other information prior to game day, we like to research each destination in advance of our visit.   If you have a travel professional, they can help you identify local attractions of interest.  You can always search on the internet, including #FriFotos for ideas.

Having a plan helps to assure you will have a photo journal that you can share with family, friends, and even the larger online community.   We like to pay it forward by sharing our images online.

About the Image Above

During a Baltic cruise, we spent two complete days in St. Petersburg, Russia where we explored many of the main attractions.   These images were captured INDOORS at Yusupov's Palace.  It was built by one of the richest families of Russia during Tsarist times and is one of the most amazing buildings in all the world.   Truly this is an excellent example of the #greatINDOORS.

Crystal Chandeliers, tapestries, exquisite furniture, and art are amongst the items you will see on your guided tour of Yusupov's Palace.  The guides speak excellent English and share background information which will enhance your visit.

Join me Friday along with my other co-hosts for a fantastic journey indoors from sea to shining sea.   We'd love to see some of YOUR images as well, so help me make this one of the most successful #FriFotos themes by participating.

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