Monday, September 29, 2014

Least Likely Location for Stained Glass

Can You Guess Location 
for Our Next 
Stained Glass Collection

You can probably guess that the following stained glass works of art are inside a casino.  But can you guess where? 

What is the least likely location in your mind?
Do you give up?   Go ahead take a guess (don't cheat).

#FriFotos #greatINDOORS - Inspiration for Series

We started this series of articles in preparation for our guest co-host appearance last Friday on #FriFotos #greatINDOORS.    If you aren't familiar with it is a weekly photo forum by . Theme is revealed every Tuesday 12pm ET.

Every week in preparation for our participation, we search through our archives for a few images that meet that week's criteria.   Some themes are hard, while others, like last week's #greatINDOORS provide a wealth of possibilities.   

Royal Caribbean Jewel Of the Seas

This stained glass piece is actually built into the staircase that takes you from one level to another inside Casino Royale aboard Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas.   There are several more stained glass windows throughout the casino.

We've posted several more examples on our Pinterest page, All Things Glass Around the Globe.

As the name implies, it won't be limited to images of stained glass windows.   Anything made from glass, including glassware, chandeliers, and blown glass, will be pinned for your enjoyment.  We welcome your feedback as well.

(Click on images for a closer look)

Our Stained Glass Journey Thus Far: 
Stained Glass Off the Beaten Path

Where will we be next?

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