Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not To Be Missed Culinary Extravaganza At Sea

Culinary Extravaganza
Caribbean Princess

As you sit down to dinner in the main dining room you wonder...

"My delicious meals arrive in front of me, but how do they get there?"

Come with us for a "taste" of two of the culinary extravaganzas that await you on your Princess cruise.

Culinary Demonstration and Galley Tour

Giuseppe Pollara, Executive Chef, and Angelo Balbiani, Maitre D' Hotel (MDH), on Caribbean Princess during a recent voyage presented an exciting cooking demonstration in the Princess Theater, followed by the Tour of the "Caribbean" Galley.   We joined the demonstration and tour as part of my ongoing Princess Commodore training, where I strive to keep up to date with behind the scenes information for my guests.   Fortunately, this event is open to the public, so you too could go behind the scenes.

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Dave, our Cruise Director, and Angelo, our MDH, set the stage for what we were about to see in the theater and afterwards in the galley.   We were able to watch on the big screen as the Chef and his assistants prepared a couple dishes from the Princess cookbook which we would be able to purchase following the tour.

Entering the galley, following the cooking demonstration, the first thing that strikes me is how spotless all the counters and equipment are.   Having worked in a kitchen or two in the past, I really appreciate the effort that went into keeping the galley in such condition.

There are several "stations" throughout the galley, each of which is dedicated to a particular task and type of food.   We passed by meat, fish, vegetable, and many other preparation and storage areas.

Courses A Culinary Journey

Following the galley tour we had the opportunity to speak with Executive Chef  Giuseppe Pollara and Maitre D' Hotel Angelo.

The answer to your question:

234 Galley Personnel under the supervision of the Executive Chef prepares all your delicious dishes!

274 Dining Personnel under the supervision of the MDH serves all your delicious dishes!

Armed with our autographed copy of the Princess cookbook, the goal was to keep the cruise lasting beyond disembarkation.

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