Friday, June 20, 2014

Plotting Your Next Travel Adventure

Where in the World ...

When planning your next cruise or land vacation, you will have many choices to select from.   It can be quite confusing to sort through the choices, so we recommend consulting a professional travel agent.

Secondly, we suggest using Twitter and other social media sites to get ideas.  Finally, please share with others as well.

the travel photography chat/share on Twitter

Last Monday we joined #TRAVELPICS chat on Twitter for a fun packed hour exchanging ideas and travel photos with like-minded posters. The theme was “maps” and participants shared their own travel pics about the theme and answered pre-arranged questions. Here are our replies.

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Q1: What region on the world map have you not visited, and what's stopped you from going?

A1 Not visited & New Zealand because don't have the time to do it justice until husband retires

Q2: Share a photo you've taken from a place few people could locate on a map. What brought you there? 

A2: ventured off beaten path Lucca, Italy (Livorno/Florence/Pisa)

Q3: If you threw a dart at a world map and had to travel there today, where would you NOT want the dart to land--and why?

A3: India – while I’d like to see it – long flight & food wouldn’t agree with me

Q4: Whether a food map, adventure map, or cultural map, post a fitting photo of yours from a well-known destination. 

A4: Then & Now 70 Years Later Never Forget Beaches

Q5: Imagine you win an all-expenses-paid trip for 1 month to photograph anywhere. Where do you go and why?

A5: China – photographic material is endless – culture, history, scenery, beauty

Q6: Do you have a favorite place on the world map? Show us a photo of your favorite destination! 

A6: Galapagos @AntiTourist @CelebrityCruises Xpedition  

Plan for your Visit

To get the most out of a visit to either a new or familiar destination, we encourage you to do some research before you travel.   You may want to check with your professional travel consultant  for ideas about popular attractions as well as those that are off the beaten path.   That was another topic we discussed during the live chat.

The internet is a wealth of information.   Once you know some attractions that are on your bucket list, search for some images that professionals and amateurs have captured.   You may want similar images in your photo journal of your trip.   We suggest that you add a few more unique perspectives as well.

We hope that this has sparked your interest in taking your photography to a new level.  Follow the weekly #travelpics chat on Twitter for more ideas on this and other travel topics.   We'd love to hear your ideas as well, or better yet, join us for the next chat.

Thank you to this week's co-hosts: @AntiTourist, @TheTravelCamel, @Sihpromatum, @VibrantIreland, @travellingmolly, and @StephensPhoto.

Have you seen the maps-themed recap?

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