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4 St. Thomas Photo Stops

Magens Bay St. Thomas
St. Thomas In-Focus
"Seeing" a Familiar Destination 

If you cruise to the Caribbean often, odds are that you will return to familiar ports. When doing so, you are faced with several possibilities.

In this article, we'll suggest one idea for the photography enthusiast. You don't need to be a pro to accomplish the assignment.In this introductory article, we'll describe the tour and in subsequent articles, we'll look at the results.

About the Tour

We have been to St. Thomas before, so we decided to do a different type of shore excursion. We booked the St. Thomas In-Focus Photography Tour . We met our guide on the pier just after 9:00 AM and waited for the rest of our group to gather.

Hawk - Mountain Top St. Thomas
Our guide was a local photographer's assistant. The tour took us to several locations around St. Thomas which are known as photo spots. The favorite stop of the tour was the one at Magens Bay. While there I spotted a hawk overhead and my husband was able to get a beautiful shot of the hawk with wide-spread wings back-lit by the sun. We couldn't have asked for a better photo opportunity.

Throughout the tour, our guide would take pictures of us if we wanted. She'd also offer advice and answer any questions. This was a most enjoyable tour, quite different than any other shore excursion we've been on.

Paradise Point
Paradise Point - St. Thomas

Our first stop was at Paradise Point, St. Thomas Skyride which is located just minutes from downtown.  There are several vantage points and photo spots at this location, with some of the best views of St. Thomas.

Insider tip
Three tram cars always travel up the mountain together in a row. Your least-spectacular view will be from the middle car, because the windows on two of the four sides look directly into the surrounding tram cars. So for the best view on the ride up and down, get into the third car going up and the first car going down. The last car's view is definitely better than the middle car, too.

Bluebeard's Castle Resort - St. Thomas
Bluebeard's Castle Resort

Bluebeard's Castle Resort is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the heart of St. Thomas.  The hotel has spectacular views of the surrounding area.  The grounds of the resort have a wealth of photo spots.  This wouldn't be a location on a typical shore excursion but I'm sure a local taxi driver could get you here if you wanted to venture off on your own instead of taking an organized tour like we did.
Mountain Top - St. Thomas

Mountain Top

World Famous Mountain Top is one of the most popular attractions in St. Thomas.  The view of Magens Bay above was captured from the observation deck as well as the hawk's picture.  This attraction is located at the top of St. Peter Mountain, 2100 feet above sea level. 

Besides having some of the most breath-taking views of the surrounding islands, you can also shop in its stores or enjoy one of the famous banana daiquiris or other beverage.

Beach - St. Thomas
Find Your Beach

The Caribbean is known for its many shades of blue waters, but few places offer so many different views from which you can capture beach activity.   We don't recall the name of this particular beach.  It was not a very popular location which is perfect if you are seeking some photo opportunities without the clutter of too many people.  Be sure to have someone take your picture as well, with the sea as the background.

St. Thomas - Photographer's Paradise

You don't need to go on an organized tour to find photo spots like this, but having someone to offer advice and give you tips to take better photos at a fraction of the cost of a photography tour is well worth it.  Our local pro was Gary Felton.  Check out his website for some more inspiration.

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