Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tivoli Amusement Garden Copenhagen

Tivoli Amusement Garden

In the 18th and 19th centuries, pleasure gardens (commonly named "Tivoli" or "Vauxhall") appeared across Europe as a form of getaway from the increasingly expanding cities. The gardens were typically established as beautiful and lyrical parks complemented with promenade paths, outdoor pavilions, music and performance, public houses and amusements.

Copenhagen's Pleasure Garden, known as Tivoli Park, was created in 1843 by Georg Carstensen.

Tivoli will never be completed 

Mr. Carstensen said himself, "Tivoli will never be completed", meaning Tivoli is constantly changing.  Today, 169 years later, this oasis just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, remains true to the original vision, with a mixture of old and new buildings and rides.   This year the roller coaster marks its 100th anniversary.  It will be restored to its original design. Read about the restoration project for it's Centennial here.

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The Ferris wheel
There is certainly something for everyone at Tivoli.  The Ferris wheel is a favorite at Tivoli with old and young. Feel the surge of excitement as you swing to the top with a glorious view over Tivoli and Copenhagen.

The Demon
Looking for some speed and thrills? The Demon is without a doubt the ride that causes the most screams of excitement in the whole of the Gardens. This wild ride features three amazing loops and reaches 28 meters at its highest point.

The Golden Tower
Feel the surge under your shirt and wind in your hair, with a fantastic view over the city in the Golden Tower.

The Star Flyer
There is an impressive 360-degree panorama view from the Star Flyer – that is, if you dare to look.

We have focused mainly on the rides in this article because this week's #FriFotos Twitter photo topic is "Motion".   Throughout Tivoli Park you can find examples of "Motion" as people stroll through the beautiful gardens, ride the various modes of transportation or enjoy one or more of their favorite rides.
Like any good amusement park in the states, you can certainly eat your way through the fair grounds.  Feast your eyes on these colorful suckers that appeal to young and old.

Baltic Cruise Highlight

Our evening visit to Tivoli was definitely one of our favorite memories from our Baltic Cruise on Celebrity Constellation.

Starting at 5:30 PM, Celebrity ran a shuttle to Tivoli . For $20 per person, you got a round-trip bus ride to Tivoli and admittance to the park. We walked around the beautiful grounds, which had hundreds of varieties of flowers.
After walking around, we had a BBQ sparerib dinner at Promenaden. The ribs were fabulous and a very healthy portion. After dinner we took a few more pictures, as the lights came on in the park, and then headed to the shuttle bus to return to the ship.

Be sure to plan a Baltic Cruise with an overnight in Copenhagen, Denmark so that you can experience the park in the evening.   As the sun sets and the lights come on, it is really magical.

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