Friday, February 21, 2014

Good-bye Nassau Hello Evening

Early Dining
Monet - Carnival Conquest

As we continued sailing away from Nassau, Bahamas, it was time for our first dress up night.  The dress code for the evening was "Cruise Elegant".   You didn't have to dress up if you didn't want to but there are some guidelines:

Not Allowed: Shorts, T-Shirts, jeans, flip flops, bathing suit attire, sleeveless shirts for men, sportswear and baseball hats.

Table With a View

Our assigned table was on deck 4 of Monet Dining Room with a very nice view.  We requested a large table when we made our reservation, so we did get one set for 8 people however there were only 4 of us on most nights.  Two nights one couple went to "The Point" Steakhouse.


We had a lovely dinner with our new friends.  For starters we had the Strawberry Bisque chilled soup topped with fresh mint leave, spring rolls, and shrimp cocktail.  The last two items you can have every day.  Each day there's a chilled soup and hot soup amongst the starters.

Our two selections for the main entree were Broiled Maine Lobster Tail with Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp and Tender Roasted Prime Rib of American Beef Au Jus.  The lobster dish came with yukon gold mashed potatoes and broccoli florets and the prime rib came with baked potato with all the trimmings.  For dessert we had Cherries Jubilee.

The food was cooked the way we liked it and the wait staff were very attentive checking to see if we wanted anything more.


We capped our dinner off with an after dinner drink of Lemoncello. If you have ever been to Italy, you'll instantly know about Limoncello. Lemons seem to be one of the important staples in the food of Sorrento. The most famous product is Limoncello. Every store or restaurant has it’s unique or favorite brand of Limoncello for sale or to taste. It is wonderful as a palate cleanser or as an after dinner drink. Limoncello is the generic name for an Italian citrus-based lemon liqueur that is served well chilled in the summer months. Limoncello is now considered the national drink of Italy and can be found in stores and restaurants all over Italy.  On Carnival Conquest, the price of the drink includes the souvenir glass which is yours to keep.


Playlist Productions show Divas featured songs from the great pop Divas like Gaga, Beyonce, Christina, Madonna, Whitney, and Celine. There were two shows in the Toulouse Lautrec Theater. Prior to dinner you could meet the Captain and Senior Officers, have your picture taken with them, dance to music and enjoy a cocktail. In days gone by, Carnival would provide the drinks free of charge, but now they simply offer a $1 discount. We now skip the Captain's party the majority of the time since it just means hurrying up getting changed. We had our drink at dinner instead.

Our after dinner entertainment of choice throughout the cruise was the comedy club.  Carnival brought 2 comedians onboard for the beginning part of the cruise:  Kim Harrison and Smiley Joe Wiley.  Each night, there would be two family oriented shows and two adult only shows in the lounge.  They were very enjoyable.

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Tip: Be sure to check your Fun Times before dinner to plan your evening.

Tuesday was a sea day so we opted to sleep in and have a late breakfast.  We'll tell you more about our Sea Day in our next installment.   If you have any questions that you'll like us to address, be sure to post here, on our Facebook page, or email us.

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