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Carnival Conquest Day 2 Breakfast

Do What You Want
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When you've been on as many Caribbean cruises as we have, you are bound to repeat a port or so.  The great thing about that is you don't feel obligated to get up early, rush your breakfast, and be the first person to the gangway.

Our second day on Carnival Conquest was an early call at Nassau, Bahamas.  You guessed it - we've been there many times before.   So for us, this was for all practical purposes, a bonus sea day.

Leisurely Breakfast

Despite the 7 AM arrival in port, we slept in until around 9 AM. We then went up to Lido Deck for a buffet breakfast.  Buffet Breakfast is served from 6:30 AM - 10:30 AM in Cezanne, so we still had plenty of time. 

Do you usually eat a big or small breakfast?

Typically we aren't big breakfast eaters, but on a cruise we tend to have more than normal since it might be awhile before our next meal, especially on a port day.

The buffet had a wide selection of items ranging from continental breakfast, consisting of cereal, fruit, yogurt, and pastries, to made-to-order omelets, waffles, french toast, pancakes, and breakfast meats.  The image above shows some of the selections available.

Tip:  Omelets are very popular, so give yourself extra time to wait in line.  Bacon and ham are available in the center section of the Grill near the omelet station.  We mention this because it's hard to find if you don't know where to look.

Buffet not your cup of tea?

The buffet is only one option.   One day you might consider breakfast in bed.   Room service can be delivered to your cabin at no extra cost.   You can go to the main dining room for a sit down meal if you want to have a nice relaxing breakfast.   BlueIguana Cantina serves breakfast burritos if you have a taste for Mexican cuisine.  It's all about choices - you are on vacation and you can decide.

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After breakfast it was time to go ashore for a bit. Keep in mind that our main objective was to have a nice relaxing voyage and experience the changes on the ship.   We were off to  a good start on embarkation day by trying the burgers and tacos, so now on to part two of our mission - relaxing.

Come back next time to see what we did the rest of day 2.

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