Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dining at Sea Part 3

Enjoy a Quick Meal
Comfort Food
Old Favorites

Our series began with a look at your first meals onboard the ship.  That typically is at the ship's buffet.  Later in the week, while soaking up some rays on deck, or in between shore excursions, you'll find yourself wanting a quick meal without having to go to a dining room and possibly not even to the buffet.  Fear not, the cruise lines have you covered.

Burgers & Pizza

On the majority of ships, you'll find one of more locations near the pool where you'll be able to grab a quick meal.  Typically you'll find made to order items like burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and pizza.  On some ships, like the Allure of the Seas, you'll find some upscale fast food places on the promenade or elsewhere on the ship for your dining pleasures.  You can get your favorite shake and burger from Johnny Rockets on Allure of the Seas for example.   There may be cover charges (which are extra gratuities) in some dining venues.

Comfort Foods

In the mood for some comfort food like mac 'n cheese, chicken pot pie, fish 'n chips?  You may find those on the buffet or there may be another dining venue,such as O'Sheehans Bar & Grill on several Norwegian Cruise Line ships, which serves a selection of items to satisfy your cravings.

There are many choices onboard each ship to satisfy lunch, dinner, afternoon or evening snacks.   Consult the daily paper for details about what options you have.

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