Friday, November 22, 2013

What Does The Fish Say

You Won't Hear These Fish But They Have 
Something to Say

If you've ever been confused about which way forward and aft are on your Norwegian Cruise Line ship, these fish can tell you which way to go. The fish are swimming towards the forward (bow) of the ship. So when you step outside your cabin or turn down the corridor, just check the direction of the fish relative to the location on the ship that you want to go.

Finding Your Way Onboard

As ships get larger and more complex, it can be confusing to get from one location to another.   The cruise lines have employed various technologies to make finding your way a breeze.   The best improvement is the "way finder" which was introduced on Royal Caribbean Oasis and Allure of the Seas.  This touch screen allows you to map your route, find your current location, find out what's currently happening and much more.  They are located throughout the ship nearby elevators.

Digital signage is a big advancement which is being adopted on other ships and cruise lines.   Read this article to find out about the largest ship afloat: Navigating the Allure of the Seas

This is one of the features included in the Royal Advantage upgrades fleetwide.
What to Do 

While navigation is an important capability with the digital signs, equally important is helping you plan your day. On Disney Dream for example, you can find hours of operation and movie selection for Buena Vista Theatre, you can learn about It's a Small World Nursery and their hours of operation, and find out when and where your favorite Disney characters will be making an appearance.

When & Where to Eat

The first to pioneer relaxed dining times was Norwegian Cruise line with their Freestyle Dining program.   At first you'd have to call to find out if there was availability, but they were among the first to implement digital touch screens to assist you in planning your meals.

These are just a few of the ways you can use to navigate the cruise ships of today.  We'll complete the story in another article.

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