Thursday, July 11, 2013

Grandeur Returns to Service But Bumps Passengers

Grandeur Returns to Sea

Following the fire onboard Grandeur of the Seas at the end of May, the ship was taken out of service to complete the necessary repairs.
The ship will sail its first cruise July 12th and is currently sailing a 1-night cruise for media and travel industry partners.

Repairs Not Completed

As was the case with the recent return to service on Carnival Sensation, despite best intentions, not all of the necessary repairs have been completed on Grandeur of the Seas.  Therefore, Royal Caribbean has "re-accomodated" passengers from 78 cabins to allow room for the repair crew that is onboard. These passengers will be provided with full refunds and an incentive for a future cruise.

It is hoped that all repairs will be completed during this cruise so that passengers on the July 19th sailing won't be impacted.   Unfortunately, this is the risk one takes when booking the first sailing following a dry-dock of this nature.  

For more information about the fire, see our previous article:  Fire Onboard Grandeur of the Seas

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