Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hurricane Hunters Not a Job for the Faint of Heart

It's True - They Fly Right into the Eye of a Hurricane

The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve, is one-of-a-kind: the only Department of Defense organization still flying into tropical storms and hurricanes--since 1944.  

The primary mission of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (53rd WRS) is to conduct tropical storm reconnaissance.   Tropical reconnaissance is governed by the National Hurricane Operations Plan. This plan specifics that the 53rd WRS will support 24 hour a day continuous operations and have the ability to fly up to 3 storms at a time with a response time of 16 hours.  Learn more about The Mission

As you can see in the video, it takes special people and equipment to complete these very critical missions.

There are five different flying jobs at the Hurricane Hunters. ALL jobs are part of the Air Force Reserve. Half of the positions are part-time (traditional reservists), and half are full-time (Air Reserve Technicians).  Learn more about The People   Want to know how to become a Hurricane Hunter? Find out here!

Cyberflight into the Eye of a Hurricane
Join Us for a Virtual Storm Flight

You're just in time... head across the hall to our auditorium, and join the crew for the pre-mission briefing.

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