Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Pick on Carnival Again


Toilets Overflowing ....

Elevators Not Working ...

Sewage on the Floor ...

Passengers Stranded ...

Carnival Dream without power ...

Prediction:  The News Media will have sensational headlines

Here is a live webcam from the Carnival Dream ...

Does this look like a ship that is in distress?

No - it is one that is in port with passengers enjoying the pool and other facilities.

Give Carnival Corporation a Break!!

Live Webcam - Courtesy:

This is a follow up to the breaking news story about a backup generator issue onboard the current voyage of Carnival Dream, while in port, resulting in the early termination of the current voyage and cancellation of the next one. 

More Engine Woes for Carnival

Report of Conditions Onboard

As reported on Cruise Critic, according to a Carnival spokesperson: "Based on the ship's service logs and extensive physical monitoring of all public areas, including restrooms, throughout the night, we can confirm that only one public restroom was taken offline for cleaning based on toilet overflow and there was a total of one request for cleaning of a guest cabin bathroom. Aside from that there have been no reports of issues on board with overflowing toilets or sewage. The toilet system had periodic interruptions yesterday evening and was fully restored at approximately 12.30 a.m. Thursday."

Routine Maintenance Found Problem

Ships are in service 24x7x52  in most cases (ignoring planned dry-dock time). That means it is necessary to do regular maintenance checks and repairs at off hours while the ships are in port.  This is exactly what happened in this instance when a backup emergency generator failed while being tested.

This is not the main generator and it doesn't run all the ships power, so despite the media's desire to have another catastrophe on their hands - this just isn't the case.

Compare To Your Car

Let's compare a ship to your car.   Each day you go out to your car and assume that when you turn the key, assuming you have filled it with gasoline, it will start and you'll be able to drive to your destination of choice.   Periodically you take the car to your local mechanic for routine maintenance, or do the work yourself.  

Most of the time, the routine maintenance goes well and you don't have to do anything further, but everyone has had that dreaded phone call when the mechanic tells you ... "I found something else while I was doing your work..."

Does that mean the car manufacturer has an inferior product or you haven't been doing your job of performing maintenance?   In most cases, I suspect the answer to those questions is no.  It means that the car is made up of mechanical parts which eventually need to be replaced and can in some cases fail when you least expect them.

Could the same car problems happen to your neighbor that has a different car?   Yes.

Carnival Is Doing The Right Things

Just as you are most likely taking good care of your car, Carnival is also taking care of their ships.  If your car doesn't work, you can't get to your destination.  A ship is no different, so it makes perfect business sense to keep them running.

Despite your best efforts with your car, and despite Carnival Cruise Line's best efforts, unexpected things happen.   When they do, plans are impacted, and steps are taken to respond to the situation at hand.  While you only have your plans and perhaps a few other family members or friends to contend with,  a problem on a ship is a logistical nightmare and a huge expense.

When these incidents occur, the Carnival staff onboard do everything they can to accommodate the passengers while the suits in Miami, sort out the logistical nightmare.  Carnival has always come through with a compensation plan for those impacted, which costs them additional money on top of the repairs.   Under contract, they actually aren't required to do so by the way, but they feel the duty to take care of their guests.

So, I ask the media, and any of you out there that can help spread the truth ...   Please tell the story the way it is, not the way it sounds worse!!

Even if there are deplorable conditions, as in the case of the Carnival Triumph,  it isn't because the cruise line wanted to punish their guests and make conditions terrible.  Unexpected events happen!

Thank you to the Carnival Staff onboard the ship and around the globe that tends to our guests while under their care.   We know that you are doing the best possible and may have to take extraordinary measures when problems arise.

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