Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Travel Today

Election Day is Finally Here 

According to votetravel.org:
" Everyone loves travel - vacationing, reconnecting with family, attending a productive business meeting or event - but not everyone realizes travel’s significant economic impact. Travel contributes $1.9 trillion to our economy and supports 14.4 million American jobs that cannot be outsourced, which is why we need policies that allow the travel industry to thrive.

Travel is a bipartisan industry. In fact, passage of the Travel Promotion Act was among only a few items that both Democrats and Republicans supported. Vote Travel is not an endorsement of any political candidate or a political party; it’s a vote to get America moving."

Personal Benefits of Travel

What would you think if we told you that vacation travel could have a positive impact on your life?  Would you be more apt to take an annual vacation?

U.S. Travel Association has published a report, The Benefits are Everywhere, The Personal Benefits of Travel and Taking a Vacation,which among other benefits, shows how your health can be positively impacted by a vacation.

Think about the last time you took a vacation...  

Before you left for vacation were you stressed over things going on at work, at home, or with the family?   After a couple days of rest and relaxation on the trip, did your stress level decrease?

Do you find yourself eating at irregular times at home because you have other commitments pulling you in different directions?   On your vacation, did you eat on a regular schedule?

Do you mean to exercise while at home, but just don't find the time?   Or are you a couch potato not getting any exercise at all simply because you are too tired to do anything when you get home from the office?   Did you get more exercise, on your trip - while having a good time exploring?

These are just a few items that are covered in this report.   We suggest you read the report to learn more about the personal benefits of vacation travel.

We have been a firm believer of taking time off every year for vacation.   While our son was growing up, we would take a vacation together with him and another one by ourselves each year.   This formula has worked well for us and perhaps it could work for you as well.

As We Head to the Polls Today

There may be local and national candidates that have a positive or negative view on the travel industry.  We encourage you to visit the Vote Travel.org website to learn more about their efforts to expand this industry which will help to Get America Moving again.

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