Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grandeur Tour Deck 4

New WOWs Around Every Corner
Grandeur of the Seas

Here's your chance to see all the amazing WOWs Royal Caribbean added to the Grandeur of the Seas during a recent 30-day revitalization dry-dock.   This is part of  Royal Caribbean's Royal Advantage SM program which enhances the entire fleet. See Royal Advantage Expanded for more information about the project and schedule of ship completions.

What's New on Grandeur of the Seas? 

We were fortunate to be invited to the Revitalization Debut of the Grandeur of the Seas this month.   Explore the New Grandeur of the Seas as we take you along with us on the Grandeur WOW Button Round-Up.


The Centrum has been reinvented as a vertical theater with dazzling aerial performers providing the entertainment.  As with most ships, this is the first thing you'll see after getting onboard the ship.   The Centrum is one of the hubs on the ship.

Aerial Spectacular - Seasons of the Centrum

During the Grandeur Debut event, guests were treated to two performances of a spectacular aerial show entitled "Seasons of the Centrum".  We have posted videos on our YouTube Channel from this show.

In these pictures, you can see that the rigging is on deck 9, 5 decks overhead from the lobby of the Centrum.   You could watch the show several times and have a different experience simply by selecting a different vantage point.

Aerial Spectacular - Grandeur OTS Centrum
View Videos on Our YouTube Channel
We opted to take our videos from Deck 6 between the glass elevators.   This provided spectacular close ups of the performers as they glided past us suspended by the devices you see in these images.

Aerial Spectacular I Grandeur of the Seas Centrum

Aerial Spectacular II  Grandeur of the Seas Centrum

Aerial Spectacular II  Grandeur of the Seas Centrum


Completing the enhancements on Deck 4 is the addition of the R-Bar, a sophisticated new bar with a distinct retro-glamour vibe. This is a great location to meet before dinner or the Aerial Spectacular shows.

Enhanced Technology

You may have noticed the Deck 4 sign above.  These are touchscreen wayfinders that help you navigate the ship.   Did you know that the search mechanism employed has some intelligence built in?   If several people have done a search for directions to a given location, the wayfinder will reroute you to a different route so that you don't have to wait for elevators.   We'll feature more about the new technological improvements in another post.

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