Monday, January 23, 2012

Dutch Teen Circles Globe Beats Previous Record

Laura Dekker Arrives in St. Martin     Courtesy Sky News
Youngest Sailor Completes Solo Circumnavigation 
of the World 

What goals did you have for you teen years? Did you ever consider sailing around the world by yourself before turning 17?

Well, Laura Dekker, a young Dutch girl had that dream and Sunday she completed her goal, breaking the previous record by almost 8 months.

Laura Dekker - Sky News Galleries
Beats Previous World Record

Dutch born 16-year-old  Laura Dekker sailed into the harbor of St Martin, completing a journey around the world which began last August from this Dutch and French island in the Caribbean.  In order to beat the world record, she needed to complete the circumnavigation at least 3 days before her 17th birthday which is September 20, 2012.  Previous record holder, Australian Jessica Watson, completed her trip in May 2010, three days before she turned 17. 

The two journeys were slightly different with Laura sailing no more than three weeks at a time, stopping in various ports along the way while Jessica sailed non-stop around the world.

"I can't really take in what I've done," she told reporters once back on dry land.
"The sailing was always nice... I often saw dolphins. I enjoyed it a lot and I'm very happy."

Laura had a struggle to overcome before even setting sail. The Dutch courts had blocked plans for her to cast off two years ago, saying she was too young at 14. In July 2010, the Dutch child welfare authorities finally allowed her to depart on her journey.  Her parents and a small group of well-wishers were on hand for her homecoming on Sunday.  Congratulations for accomplishing such a task at such a young age.

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