Monday, October 10, 2011

So You've Just Gotten Onboard - What to Do

 You Just Boarded 
Allure of the SeasSM
So What Do You Do?

Well, if you are like us, you probably got to the pier around mid-day so the cabins aren't ready for occupancy yet.  We had a light breakfast at the hotel because we knew that once we got onboard, there would be several venues open for us to grab a snack.

Boardwalk Dog House, Sorrento's Pizza

The gangway of Allure of the Seas is on Deck 5 which is the Royal Promenade.   Here you'll find Sorrento's and Cafe Promenade which have extended hours and offer snacks.   A slice of pizza at Sorrento's was our choice for something quick.  After pizza we stayed awhile people watching, one of our favorite things to do onboard the ship.

Unlimited Coca Cola 

For those that like to drink Coca Cola products with their meals or while lounging by the pool, you may want to consider purchasing the "Coke Fountain Sticker" which entitles you to as many fountain drinks as you like throughout the cruise.  The cost is $6.90 per person per day plus tip and includes a limited edition Royal Caribbean Coke bottle which can be refilled at any bar or restaurant on the ship or on Labadee, the private island.  These can be purchased on the first day of the cruise on the Royal Promenade.

On the Boardwalk

We stopped for a sausage at Boardwalk Dog House before heading to our cabin.  Passengers were getting their first glimpse of all that the Allure of the Seas has to offer on the Boardwalk.   Go for a ride on the carrousel or enjoy some refreshments in one of the dining venues.  

We would reassemble here before we sailed for the mandatory safety drill.  It is not necessary to bring life jackets with you to the drill.   In a real emergency, life jackets would be provided by the crew at the muster stations.

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