Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pink Buses Back on Streets

Bermuda Bus Strike
Sent to Arbitration

A familiar site disappeared from the streets of Kings Wharf, Hamilton, and other parts of Bermuda on Wednesday.  Missing were the pink buses that normally shuttle locals and tourists around the island country.

Bus drivers called a strike Wednesday when a female driver was terminated for failing to take a mandatory drug screening following an accident.  She refused to take the test five times since the June accident.  Bermuda government policy requires drug testing following an accident and is a condition of continued employment.
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According to citizens were against the strike and were urging the driver to take the drug test. The buses are an integral part of the transportation system which also includes taxis and a ferry system. Officials were concerned about the safety of island inhabitants and tourists as they became stranded by the strike.

This is a busy time in the island country as cruise ships bring many passengers to the island country. The ships dock primarily at Kings Wharf or Hamilton, which then becomes the base of operations for touring.   The pink sand beaches and other nearby attractions are the perfect summer get-away destination.

Late Friday, the drivers agreed to bring their grievances before an arbitration board and also agreed to resume bus service on Saturday.  We are certain that citizens and tourists were happy to see the familiar pink buses back on the roads again.

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