Friday, August 5, 2011

Mykonos Town Walking Tour

Mykonos Town (Chora)
Walking Tour

Mykonos Town (Chora) is a prime example of Cycladic architecture. It consists of narrow whitewashed alleyways, small churches, white houses with wooden doors and windows and brightly colored balconies.

Leaving our motorcoach behind, we walked along the harbour until we entered the enchanting town itself.  Splashes of color on balconies, doors, and staircases contrasted with the white buildings almost bringing them to life.   It was as if they were calling us to explore more closely.

In the colorful harbour we saw small fishing boats and yachts coexisting with the larger cruise ships, including our own Star Princess.  Taverns, Greek restaurants (ouzeris), cafes and shops lined the main coastal street as we followed our guide, listening to the historical information and learning more about the main attractions along our path.

We saw an elderly gentleman riding a donkey and the town's mascot pelican, Petros, who were both posing for pictures. You can read more about them in another post.

The crown jewel of our walk to Little Venice was the Panagia Paraportiani (Our Lady of the Postern Gate), the most famous of the many churches of Mykonos.  It actually consists of  five churches, four comprise its base and the fifth is built as the dome on the top. Widely photographed, you won't want to miss the opportunity to capture it with your own lens.

Panagia Paraportiani is located on Ayion Anargyron, near the folk museum in Little Venice, Mykonos Town. After getting our photographs, we continued to explore Mykonos Windmills and Little Venice before starting our return to the ship.

This quaint Greek town had come to life for us this day, basking in sunlight with its buildings framed by the sea and the clear blue sky.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to enjoy our stroll.

The images here are just a sampling of those memories which we captured for all eternity on digital "film".  Visit our Facebook Fan Page to see our photo albums:  Mykonos Walking Tour and Returning to Port of Mykonos.

There is much more yet to come from our 12-Night Mediterranean & Greek Isles Cruise Adventure.

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