Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Man and His Donkey

Mykonos Town
Along the Harbour

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon as we stroll along the harbour front of Mykonos Town.   This is our final installment, at least for now, in our series about our visit here during our Star Princess 12 Night Greek Isles and Mediterranean Cruise.

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in Greece, and it is also one of the most famous islands. Many people think that the pictures from Mykonos Town are the symbol of Greece: tiny narrow alleyways lined by whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows. 

The Greek Tourist Office often use photos from Mykonos when they promote Greece. Many of the photos we've shown you thus far could entice you to visit Mykonos.
In reality, Mykonos needs little sales promotion. People from all over the world come here to swim and sunbathe at the fabulous beaches, shop in the boutiques, eat in the tavernas and cafes along the waterfront, or enjoy the high-energy night-life.

A Man and His Donkey

But for us, this Greek man riding upon his donkey, dressed in his Sunday best, is one of the images we want to remember.  We've told you about Petros the Pelican and the tradition surrounding him.  Here is another tradition that is still alive today in Mykonos.  We might have seen this same gentleman, with his donkey, selling vegetables in the alleyways early in the morning.   Now he is enjoying the fruits of his labors, along with his donkey, by the harbour.   He is happy to stop for tourists that want to take a photograph.   

This is the true Greece - a land rich in history and tradition, still carried out by its inhabitants and shared with the people from all over the world that explore its shores.   Come explore the shores of Mykonos yourself and spend some time learning about this beautiful country and its people.  We are glad that we had the chance to visit.

Our adventure continues in the ancient city of Athens, Greece.   Continue your virtual cruise through the Greek Isles via our blog and Facebook Fan Page photo albums.   We truly hope you are enjoying the journey thus far and perhaps will be able to visit yourself some day in the future.

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