Sunday, August 21, 2011

Avalon Panorama Mid-Cruise Repairs

Newest Avalon 
River Cruise Ship
Unexpected Dry Dock

A brand new kind of ship, the Avalon Panorama set sail in 2011, taking inspired design to a whole new level. A unique 'Suite Ship', the Avalon Panorama was the first of its kind in the industry - with two full decks of suites featuring a Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window that transforms the living space into a unique Open-Air Balcony.

    Built: 2011        Length: 443 ft.        Crew Members: 47        Staterooms: 17        Suites: 66

Propeller Repairs Needed

Avalon Panorama was unable to cruise at maximum speed due to a propeller problem that developed last Wednesday evening.  The cruise continued as planned, albeit at a slower speed, until Friday when passenger accommodations were made in Vienna hotels.   The cruise itinerary  then continued via bus while the ship underwent the propeller repairs in a dry dock facility in Linz.

The passengers and ship were scheduled to be reunited this morning in Krems where the cruise would continue as planned.   The next scheduled departure for Avalon Panorama is August 24th for a 14-Night Magnificent Europe, Budapest to Amsterdam cruise.

Had this same situation occurred on a large cruise ship, it may have meant the termination of the cruise.  The logistics to accommodate 166 passengers is much easier than for more than 1,000 passengers on the larger vessels.  We applaud Avalon Waterways for making every effort to continue the cruise.

If you aren't familiar with river cruising, we invite you to view our special page about the differences.   Warning - once you try river cruising, you might have a hard time returning to larger ships.

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