Sunday, July 10, 2011

Star Princess Main Dining Room

Star Princess
Amalfi Dining Room

 In our last post about our Star Princess 12-Night Greek Isles and Mediterranean Cruise, we were preparing to sail away form Civitavecchia, Italy.  

As usual, my husband was taking pictures somewhere on the open decks before we sailed.   I had no idea where he'd gone and decided to return to the cabin and get ready for dinner.   Hoping that he'd gone to the dining room, I headed there and found him at our assigned table already engaged in conversation with two of our table mates from England. We had a table set for 8, but ended up with only 6 of us since their friends had to cancel due to illness.

At the advice of our waiter, Jigger, we ordered the spring rolls for our appetizer and the tenderloin of beef for our main course.   We've learned that you won't go wrong if you follow the advice of the wait staff. 

We've posted several more photos on our Facebook Fan Page and will be adding more as we continue to bring you the story of our cruise vacation. 

For those not familiar with dinners on a cruise ship, you select one or more appetizers, soups & salads, and the main course.  Following dinner the waiter will describe the desserts from which you can select one or more of those.   Some nights there may be a special appetizer or dessert prepared  such as a special pasta for an appetizer or cherries jubilee for dessert.

The food quality was very good.   We only had one meal that we didn't enjoy and that was the veal scallopini which was too cold when it was served.  Our waiter notified the head waiter who came over to apologize and got the meals replaced.   Those were very hot.  We suspect the others had been left out too long.

Overall the dining experience in the Amalfi Dining Room was very enjoyable.  Our waiter and assistant were excellent.   After the first night, we never had to ask for ice tea again as they would bring it to us when we sat down. The only issue we had in the 12 nights was the one meal that must have been sitting   at the serving station too long before being server to us.  

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