Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kalafati Beach in Mykonos

Early Morning on 
Kalafati Beach

Casting their shadows on the freshly groomed sandy beach, these thatched umbrellas stood guard over the Aegean Sea and the twin peaks of Cape Tarsanas that were hidden from our view.

The beach was still pretty deserted as we approached the imposing wall of umbrellas.  They would not stop us from the turquoise waters that splashed upon the sand just beyond the last row.

In the still of the morning, the splashing of the Aegean Sea's waters could be heard as waves rolled onto the beach.  The sea beckoned us to continue our advance.  We obliged, and were rewarded with a splendid view of crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea.   On the horizon, the clear blue sky met the sea with an array of shades of blue.

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Cape Tarsanas

In the distance we could see the twin peaks of a  peninsula that jutted into the sea.  We would later learn its name, Cape Tarsanas, where traces of a prehistoric citadel can be found above the small twin capes. 

Now that we were on the beach, we captured several images of Kalafati Beach and the surrounding area. Some of our group used the restroom facilities of Taverna Thalassa or purchased refreshments from the bar which was just beyond the beach.

While we just enjoyed the beauty of the beach during our brief photo stop, Kalafati Beach has become famous to wind surfers who enjoy a good offshore breeze.  It is only 12km from the Port of Mykonos, where our shipped was docked, so this could easily be a day trip for those that wanted to relax on the beach or enjoy other water sports.

Leaving the blue waters behind us, we boarded our motorcoach for our next stop, Panagia Tourliani Monastery.   We hope you are enjoying your virtual journey to Mykonos thus far.    

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