Thursday, June 16, 2011

Exploring Palatine Hill and Roman Forum

Have You Seen This Before?

Another recognizable ancient monument is shown here.   Do you know what it is?   Hint:  we saw it a short distance from the Roman Colosseum.   Read on to learn more about more of our Day 1 explorations of Rome.

The Arch of Constantine stands a short distance away from the Roman Colosseum.   As we continued our day one Roman adventure, we passed this triumphant arch which was built to commemorate the victory over Constantine's co-emperor, Maxentius.

Next we continued our exploration of the Palatine Hill, which is an open-air museum with views of the Roman Forum on one side, and the Circus Maximus on the other.  Click the link to learn more about the history of Palatine Hill.  

The entry lines were shorter at Palatine Hill, so if the lines are too long for tickets at the Colosseum, you might want to consider starting here.   The ticket you purchase is a combined entry ticket, so it doesn't matter where you make the initial purchase or entry.

Near the entry of Palatine Hill you'll find WCs and a fountain with constantly running water.   Did I mention that it was quite warm, and cold water was something that was very welcome?   Keep a water bottle of some sort with you and refill it at one of the fountains as you walk through Rome  or purchase refreshments from one of the street vendors if you are more comfortable.   But whatever you do, be sure to keep hydrated.

This Stadium was seen along our journey.   As you can see much of the structure is no longer standing, but you can still imagine yourself there in the crowds to watch some event.

There are many more sites along the pathway that can be explored.   If you'd like to relax, something we didn't really do much of, there are some benches and grassy areas where you could rest and take in the surroundings.

Our exploration continued with the Roman Forum.

The Central Square of this Roman settlement was known as the Forum.   Here is where people would gather for meetings, trials, political discussions, and other activities.  Markets, shops, and taverns were nearby as well as the stadiums for games and races, which the Romans enjoyed.

Learn more about the Roman Forum here, or by searching other references on the web.

Palatine Hill - Roman Forum Photo Album

We have a photo journal of our visit to these ancient outdoor museums on our FB page.  We were starting to drag a little due to jet lag and the warm temperatures, so we moved on to other parts of Rome from here.   Also, we were starting to get hungry, so it was time to find some pizza and gelato.

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Hopefully you are enjoying Rome through our eyes.   There is still much more to come, so be sure to monitor our blog and FB page.

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