Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Rome Adventure Begins

Over a year ago, we planned a 12-Night Mediterranean Cruise (Rome to Venice) on Star Princess.  When taveling to Europe, it is a good idea to arrive at least 2 days early so that you can adjust to the time difference and also take advantage of the extra time to see more of the departure port before the cruise.

In this case, that meant scheduling 2 nights in a hotel in Rome, Italy.  We selected Hotel Sonya based on Rick Steeve's recommendation and due to its location to the Rome Termini train station. You'll see why that was important in a couple posts.

Arriving in Rome

Flights "over the pond" typically leave late in the afternoon for early morning arrivals. Our fight wasn't an exception. We departed on time from Washington Dulles International Airport and arrived in Rome before 8 AM the next morning, slightly ahead of schedule.  After deplaning, the first stop is passport control where we were waved ahead at the checkpoint.   Next stop was baggage claim where we had a short wait for our bags.  One of our bags was the second bag off the plane and the other followed shortly afterwards.
The next stop was customs where we had nothing to declare which meant we were able to leave right away.   This was by far the easiest entry we've ever experienced.

There were several options for getting to our hotel, but we decided the easiest would be to take a metered taxi. With the four of us splitting the cost the price per person was about the same as other options and we had door to door service this way.  The driver unloaded our bags, we paid him, and went inside to checkin.

As expected, our rooms would not be ready until after 2 PM, so we checked our bags, got a map from the hotel and set out to explore ancient Rome.  Our first stop was for coffee and a light snack at one of the cafes down the street from the hotel.   While having out refreshments, we plotted out our path to the Colosseum which was first on our list for day 1.

We've posted a few pictures on our FB page, so be sure to sign up so that you'll be notified as we add more.   Rome - Colosseum Album.

Come back for the continuing story of our Mediterranean adventure.

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