Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthday Celebration on Azamara Journey

Today we celebrated my birthday at sea on Azamara Journey.  It was a wonderful day from start to end.

While I slept, my husband had decorated the cabin with a Happy Birthday banner he purchased in St. Barth.  He also put a banner on the door.

We went for breakfast in Windows Cafe.  Following breakfast, we headed to the Discoveries Restaurant where the Grand Buffet Brunch was being served.   We took a few pictures and planned to return for lunch.
The reason we did things this way was that we had an Engine Control Room tour at 11 AM and wouldn't have time to leasurely enjoy the brunch otherwise.

The tour was fascinating as this was the first time seeing an engine control room on a ship this size.   The chief and staff have the responsibility of making sure everything runs smoothly.

Obviously, they monitor the engines, but there is so much more that is controlled by the power generated onboard.  The most important thing is keeping the temperature within the proper range for all the various ship's components.

When we returned to our cabin, our cabin steward, Valentina, and her helper, Jose, were there to greet us.  While we were at breakfast, they had made up our cabin and added more to the decorations.   They added balloons on the door and on the bed. There was a certificate wishing me a Happy Birthday.  They wished me a Happy Birthday and we chatted for awhile.  They have been great throughout the entire cruise.
Grand Buffet Brunch

It was now time to head back to Discoveries for brunch.  Since we are Discoverer Members of Le Club Voyage (the highest ranking for the loyalty program) we had a reserved table for brunch. We sat with the guests who had joined us for dinner with the Capatain earlier in the voyage.  This time, we were joined by Staff Captain Aris for a most enjoyable brunch.

Captain Aris arranged for the 8 of us to join the bridge tour at 1:30 PM, so we next headed to the Looking Glass on deck 10 where the tour gathered.  I'd missed the tour the other day due to a meeting, but my husband had gone and taken pictures.

Following the tour we went to change into our bathing suits and laid out on the spa deck which is where the thalassotherapy pool is located. We stayed up there for a few hours and then it was time to get ready for the evening's festivities.

First up was a Le Club Cocktail Happy Hour in the Looking Glass.   From there we headed across the deck to Prime C for dinner with another couple we met on the cruise.   We had invited them to join us for my birthday dinner.   We had a fabulous time at Prime C.  I'll cover that in a separate post, as that deserves its own treatment.

As usual, the evening entertainment was in The Cabaret on deck 5 at 9:45 PM.  Tonight's entertainment was entitled "Broaway Showtoppers".  The musical arrangements and direction were by Eric De Gray, our Cruise Director.  He starred in the performance along with the Journey Singers and Dancers and the Boys in the Band.  Once again, it was a fabulous show since the entertainment on the Journey is one of the best at sea.

Despite the fact that we were gaining an hour of sleep tonight as the clocks are set back to Eastern time,  I was tired and decided to retire to bed following the show.

One more sea day and then we will be back to Miami. Check out my Facebook Fan Page for more pictures.

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