Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bon Voyage Experience


Princess Cruises revives a nostalgic cruising tradition with the new Bon Voyage Experience, allowing family and friends to come aboard and wish passengers a wonderful trip before they sail!

As a Princess Commodore, I've received advanced information about an exciting new program starting this spring aboard many of Princess Cruise Ships.

If you are a long-time cruiser, you may recall the bon voyage experience when family and friends joined you onbaord for a send-off on your cruise journey.

Reviving a signature tradition from the early days of cruising, the Bon Voyage Experience is an innovative new program giving passengers the opportunity to invite their friends and family aboard their ship on embarkation day to share the fun and excitement of sail-away day. The program allows booked passengers four hours to show off their stateroom and other signature Princess innovations.

For just $39 USD per person, participants will enjoy priority embarkation, a guided ship tour, a souvenir photo, and a delectable four-course lunch (wine included) in one of the ship’s beautiful main dining rooms. In addition, each participant will receive a $39 Future Cruise Credit (FCC) to be used on a Princess booking made within 3 months of the Bon Voyage Experience.

To ensure that guests are able to get the most of their visit onboard, program participants will be allowed priority embarkation. If participants are friends or family of booked passengers, this benefit will be extended to their sailing friends so they can enjoy the day’s festivities together.

Depending on the ship and itinerary, participants should be able to enjoy up to 4 hours onboard (until approximately 3:00 pm on most itineraries). When making a reservation, exact times for embarkation and disembarkation will be shared.

The Bon Voyage Experience will debut in March in the ports of Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale and roll out to New York, San Francisco and Seattle. The schedule for the launch of the Bon Voyage Experience is:

  • Sapphire Princess on March 6 in Los Angeles
  • Crown Princess on March 6 in Fort Lauderdale
  • Coral Princess on March 7 in Los Angeles
  • Emerald Princess on March 7 in Fort Lauderdale
  • Island Princess on March 10 in Los Angeles
  • Ruby Princess on March 10 in Fort Lauderdale
  • Golden Princess on March 14 in Los Angeles
  • Royal Princess on March 27 in Fort Lauderdale
  • Star Princess on April 10 in Fort Lauderdale
  • Caribbean Princess on May 18 in New York
  • Sea Princess on June 1 in San Francisco

During the Alaska season, Sapphire Princess, Golden Princess and Royal Princess will also offer the program from Seattle, beginning in May.

Have your family and friends come aboard

and wish you a wonderful trip before you sail!

I am happy to see the return of an old tradition. Cruising was meant to be a special vacation, originally afforded only to the "well to do". Thankfully it is now an experience that can be enjoyed by most people. The return of this old tradition allows an opportunity for friends and family to briefly experience life onboard a cruise ship, and perhaps take away some of the mystery about what it's like to take a cruise vacation.

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