Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now is the Time

If you aren't already booked on a cruise for the rest of this year, it's probably too late. There are a few cabins left, but you'd have to be pretty flexible. Does this idea sound really good to you though? Plan early for holiday cruises since they are very popular.

The busy wave season is almost here. Cruise lines will have specials and everyone in the midst of winter storms will be thinking about getting away to somewhere warm. My advice to you is not to wait too long to start planning your winter cruise for several reasons.

Now is the time ...

While driving the other day I saw a billboard that caught my attention... Recession 101 ... they come to an end. The economy has been front and center all year long and the cruise lines have weathered the storm by slashing prices. During a recent meeting with cruise line executives, I was told that prices will soon be on the rise. (That's reason #1 )

I can't even begin to count the number of disappointed people I've spoken to recently who were searching for a cabin at a particular time and found out that there weren't any cabins to be had. This was especially true for callers looking for more than double occupancy. There are limited number of triples and quads on a ship - when they are gone, they are gone. (Reason #2)

Several people settled for their second or third choices when they found out that their first choice wasn't available. The choices varied from cabin type or location, ship, destination, and date. My advice is to book early for best prices and selection. Don't believe the myth that if you wait to the last minute you'll get a great deal. In most cases, I'm able to adjust the prices for clients that booked early should the price be lower at a later point in time. (Reason #3)

These are three very good reasons to plan now for next year's cruise vacation. You have nothing to lose by booking early and everything to gain. Keep in mind that you have up until final payment to change your plans without penatly. If something unforseen were to occur that prevents you from taking your vacation as you planned, you can change your plans or cancel your trip. For those unforseen issues after final payment, be sure to take cruise insurance.

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