Friday, November 20, 2009

Allure of the Seas - Sale

Royal Caribbean
Allure of the Seas
1-Day Sale
November 20, 2009

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Includes Allure of the Seas

UPDATE November 14, 2010: 
This article was written a year ago when Oasis of the Seas had just crossed the Atlantic and arrived in its new homeport.   We have just finished a similar journey with Allure of the Seas.  We brought you updates from the ship's captain throughout the voyage, pointing out some of the differences between Oasis and Allure.   No matter which ship you choose to sail, your experience will be off the charts since these are amazing ships.

I know some of you have gotten to this page looking for details about a particular sale.   Since the internet is forever, unless we remove this page from the blog, you could be directed here incorrectly.     Please see our website or contact us directly if you are interested in a particular sale.   It is best to subscribe to our eNewsletter because you will get the inside scoop on all sales.

To learn more about the Oasis and Allure, search our blog.    We have written several articles about both ships.

We have been following the introduction of the Oasis of the Seas this month. Today, we turn our focus to her sister ship Allure of the Seas which is currently under construction.

ABC's Good Morning America show today features a live broadcast from onboard the Oasis of the Seas. Royal Caribbean International announced a 1-day sale in conjunction with this special event.
Receive a $100 onboard credit that you can apply to anything you like during your Allure of the Seas cruise. Folks, this is FREE MONEY. Contact me to take advantage of this limited time offer or to get on my mailing list for these and other specials.

The Allure of the Seas will be sailing starting next year about this time. It will have alternating itineraries to Eastern and Western Caribbean while the Oasis of the Seas continues with Eastern Caribbean voyages.

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