Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Really, Really Deserve a Break

You are bombarded with constant news on the economy, the job market, housing and stock prices. Add to that, all that you deal with on a daily basis; work, family and juggling a hectic schedule. Is it any wonder why you may be feeling a little stressed?

You Deserve a Cruise!

It’s a fact, psychologist’s state that a well-timed vacation offers significant benefits for mental health. The relaxation provides a much-needed change of gears in time-starved society, and may be an ideal time to reconnect with loved ones traveling with you. For those traveling alone, vacations may lead to a higher level of self discovery.”

A well-chosen vacation, according to experts, offers significant benefits including:

  • Relaxation, shifting gears and change of scenery are good for one’s health – physical, mental and spiritual

  • There is no better time or setting for reconnecting with family and friends and renewing relationships

  • A vacation is an opportunity to discover or rediscover oneself

  • There’s no better time to recharge and re-energize and to look forward with confidence and enthusiasm

What makes a cruise the perfect vacation therapy? For starters, exceptional ease of planning and the convenience of having a “home away from home” for the length of the trip. And, the diversity of cruise experiences available means that there is a vacation for every taste, interest and budget. Plus, inclusive pricing that means excellent value for money spent. In fact, there are some unbelievable cruise deals available today that simply won’t last forever. And, I will do all the planning for you…

I am a CLIA certified Master Cruise Counselor with over 25 years cruise industry experience. The MCC designation means that I have made a significant investment in training and personal cruise experience that makes me the perfect resource to help plan your cruise. I am associated with Cruises Inc. and also bring the entire resources of that company to bear in assuring you of the perfect cruise vacation. In fact we offer a Best Price & Satisfaction Guarantee.

Cruises, Inc. is part of World Travel Holdings (WTH), one of the nation's largest online and offline leisure travel companies. Each year, we send millions of people around the world to warm up, cool off, explore new cultures, or just relax.

You deserve to get away and save more money on a great vacation than you ever imagined – And I would like to help you find the perfect cruise just for you.

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