Thursday, October 9, 2008

Returning from August & September Cruises

Some of my faithful readers are wondering what's happened to me the past month or so. Fear not, there's nothing wrong. We've just returned from two fabulous cruises - Celebrity Xpedition to Galapagos Islands and Celebrity Mercury to Alaska.

Despite the ability to keep in contact while onboard both ships, I opted to take a break from technology and completly emerse myself in nature all around me.

As usual, we've taken lots of pictures which we are sorting through. We are finally at a point where we can start sharing details of the cruises and some pictures. I suspect this will be a long process since there are lots of pictures to go through. It's very hard to select just a sampling of pictures to share.

Our Galapagos cruise ranks among our all-time outstanding cruises. Just look at the expression on my face above as we explored the Galapagos Islands via zodiac. Stay tuned for all the details. You can check our Cruise Vacations website - we've already posted links to some pictures on the Photo page (starting with the pre-cruise hotel stay in Quito).

We highly recommend this trip if you are true nature lovers. Words can hardly describe the experience, but I will give it a try in upcoming articles.

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