Friday, July 11, 2008

NCL Dawn Bermuda - Shopping

Our first port of call in Bermuda was King's Wharf, also know as the Royal Naval Dockyard. The stone walls of this old dockyard have been transformed into various shops for you to explore. For example, the Bermuda Arts Centre houses displays of local art including paintings, quilts, costume dolls, jewelry, and wood sculpture.

The Cooperage, also at the Dockyard, is an ideal place to shop for island-made handicrafts. In the Clocktower Mall, you'll find a wide selection of products including souvenirs, fashions, gifts, arts and crafts, books, and jewelry.

Inside the Bermuda Clayworks, you'll find pottery including house signs, lighthouses, and plates. If you don't want to take your purchases with you, they can provide overseas shipping.

The Dockyard Glassworks are manufacturers of high quality hand-made art glass. You'll find plates, angels, sailboats, bowls, angel fish, dolphins and much more. Each piece is unique and has been inspired by the natural beauty of the Bermuda Islands. Free, working demonstrations are held every day except Saturday.

Hamilton is the shopping district of Bermuda. All along Front Street you'll find several unique shops to browse. There are imports from Great Britain and Ireland such as English woolens, Harris tweed jackets, Irish linen, china, island-made jewelry, local crafts made of Bermuda cedar and local products. Don't forget to purchase some Bermuda Shorts for the rest of your trip.

The major stores and smaller boutiques carry a range of cosmetics and perfumes, some of which are available at prices less than in their country of origin and there’s no sales tax! The price you see is the price you pay. Another convenience offered in many stores is overseas shipping.

These two shopping districts are the major locations you'll want to visit for your main shopping trip. Several attractions, such as the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, and Gibb Lighthouse also have gift shops for you to explore.

Shopping while on a cruise has many advantages. You can find unique gifts for friends and family. You can even get an early start on your holiday shopping. Prices on certain items may be considerably lower than other locations.

In Bermuda, there is no sales tax. Items can be purchased duty free up to your allowances (this is where your children can save you money - the allowance is per person, including children). Even if you go over your allowance, you may still come out ahead. Since the Bermuda Dollar and U.S. Dollar are equal, you don't lose money on the conversion.

Have you ever considered starting a collection which you build during your vacation trips?
What a great way to relive your cruise vacations as you look at your collection as it builds.
There are several options that can easily be transported home such as spoons, pins, ornaments, thimbles, patches, key chains, and magnets. Read more about starting a collection while cruising.

So, your feet are tired; you've shopped till you dropped. I hope you've gotten everything that you were looking for in Bermuda. If not, fear not - one hour after sailing from Bermuda, the ship's stores will be open and you'll still have another chance to find that perfect gift for someone.

Happy Shopping. It's time to say good-bye to Bermuda as we sail from Hamilton towards New York. There's still another day at sea before returning to our hope port of call.

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