Friday, May 12, 2017

Is Double-Wide Too Big

Artist Rendering AmaMagna courtesy AmaWaterways
River Cruise Ship

No, we haven't changed from writing about cruise ships to writing about motor homes. 

We've been cruising for over 30 years and the one thing that we've gotten used to is an industry built on innovation. We never thought we'd be writing an article about a double-wide river cruise ship. To date, all river cruise ships were the same width - some were longer.

Just one day after christening their latest river cruise ship, AmaWaterways announced plans for AmaMagna, which will be their biggest ship launched in 2019.  In a company press release,  the line indicated that ship would be twice the width of traditional European river ships, representing a "new concept designed to elevate the modern luxury market".

Despite its expanded width, plans call for AmaMagna to only accommodate an additional 34 guests, bringing the capacity to 194.  Highlights of the new river ship include multiple dining options, including a glass-enclosed restaurant, an open-water sports platform, complete with zodiac boats, canoes and recreational equipment, and the majority of cabins with more than 300 square feet.

Additional amenities include a large heated sundeck swimming pool with whirlpool and sky bar, a spacious spa area with new treatments, a fitness room large enough for small group classes and generous common areas designed to accommodate a variety of onboard events.
As the luxury river cruise market continues to grow, we want to carry on as the leader in industry innovation. While this new double-width concept has been on the table for some time, we believe, given the unique demand that exists, that now is the perfect moment to introduce this style of ship,” said Rudi Schreiner, president and co-owner of AmaWaterways. 
AmaMagna will provide guests with generous personal space, the freedom of multiple dining choices and exceptional stateroom comfort. Combining this with our award-winning cuisine, noteworthy shore excursions and remarkable onboard service, we feel this ship is a game-changer.
If you've never sailed on a river cruise ship in Europe, you might not be aware that ships need to traverse a series of locks during a typical journey. Most river cruise ships are designed in such a way not to waste any space and just fit into the locks, until now.  AmaMagna's width will limit where the ship can be deployed.  Initial deployment is planned for the Danube river.

As with any innovation, some people will love the idea while others will hate it - perhaps there is also room somewhere in between.  We applaud AmaWaterways for taking the chance to introduce something new to the industry.  We wish them success with this new adventure.   We'd love to hear your feedback.

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